Ukrainians sell artistic nude photos to encourage donations

26-year-old Anastasia meets us on the terrace of a restaurant in Kyu (Ukraine) and first explains this concept to us. “The more you give, the more photos you haveShe explains. Proof of donation is a minimum photo.

Everything happens on the website Deronley fans, refers to the term “ter” of territorial defense. The rules are simple: to get a photo, all you have to do is provide proof of a donation to the Ukrainian army or an association that helps volunteers. Since the site launched last March, more than €854,000 has been raised. “We are very proudRecognizes Anastasia, We do it honestly, if it is beneficial to our country, why not? We have a joke that sums up what we do: We help our country with a troop of breasts and buttocks!

Anastasia started the movement on March 8 with her Belarusian friend Nastya, who took refuge in Poland. The latter had to find a car to evacuate a person from Kharki. With no response, she said on social media that she was going to post a nude photo of herself, so the responses came immediately and the project began.

To avoid any complications, they will not receive the money personally. This activity is completely voluntary. They are now 40 years old. Most women but some men are like Constantine
“It is very important to know that we are useful to our country and, in passing, we can change some clichés”He believes.

“It’s not provocation, it’s really an art project for us with a simple message we want to send: beauty can save the world!”

Beauty for them is also the unity of their country in this war that is not far away. Sirens of wind warnings sound almost daily, even when talking about nudity on the terrace of a restaurant in Kew.

A sample photo from (TERONLYFANS)

What these Ukrainians, who define themselves as “artists,” a combination of activists and artists, is a way of drawing the attention of the whole world to the situation in their country. “That’s not to say we’re doing anything, every way to help our country and our military is good, noCommit to Anastasia. There are still moral limits to our project, but this is a personal thank you to everyone who helps Ukraine.”

Soldiers, volunteers give it back to them. Anastasia and others have received hundreds of messages of encouragement since the start of the conflict. “So with just one pair of buttocks, we think we can fight off the Russians!”

Artistic nude photos to help Ukrainian army – report by Valentin Dunat and Fabian Gosset

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