UN blames IDF shooting for journalist’s death

Palestinian-American journalist Shreen Abu Agle The UN High Commission has ruled that he was shot dead by Israeli Defense Forces on May 11. ONU A human rights spokesman said Friday.

“All information gathered by us – including the Israeli military and the Palestinian Attorney General – confirms that the gunmen who killed Ms. Abu Agle and the gunmen who wounded her comrade Ali Sammudi were from the Israeli security forces, not the armed forces at the beginning of the war.” Geneva.

Palestinians beyond question

Raveena Shamdasani said, “We are not concerned about any reports of armed Palestinian activity near the press.” A safety helmet She was hit by a bullet under the cut of her helmet.

Army Israel Immediately the UN. The Qatari Al Jazeera television reporter was not intentionally shot by an Israeli soldier, and the military says it cannot determine whether a Palestinian gunman opened fire indiscriminately or was killed by an Israeli soldier. Report.

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