Unusual: The pilots of the plane fall asleep in mid-air and forget to land

Two Ethiopian Airlines pilots fell asleep on a flight from Kenya to Ethiopia. They missed the landing.

The story is very unique. Published in Dinamani New Zealand Herald, two pilots of a plane fell asleep during the flight. Flight ET343, connecting Khartoum (Kenya) to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, missed landing earlier this week.

What happened on the plane?

As the Boeing 737 approached the international airport, warnings were triggered. But the said flight has not yet started the landing procedure. At this time, The pilots fell asleep and the autopilot system kept the plane at 37,000 feet (ie 11,200m). Back then, nobody knew what was going on in the cockpit except those involved. Air traffic control attempted to contact the crew but was unsuccessful.

The autopilot disengaged after the plane flew over the runway it was supposed to land on. This was an alarm that woke up both pilots. Off Awaking again, and perhaps surprisingly, the latter was able to maneuver the plane and land on the runway. 25 minutes lateAccording to information from Daily New Zealand Herald.

Pilot fatigue, a known hazard

Fear more than evil, No one was hurt And the plane landed safely. Also SThe question is, according to aviation expert Alex Macherus LPilot fatigue is far from a new problem. It reflects “One of the major threats to international aviation security”, He tweeted this Friday, August 19.

In depth on the incident on the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737, Africa’s largest airline #ET343 By the time it reached its destination, Addis Ababa, it was still at 37,000 feet

Why didn’t it start its descent to land? Both pilots were asleep. https://t.co/cPPMsVHIJD pic.twitter.com/RpnxsdtRBf

— Alex Macheras (@AlexInAir) August 18, 2022

Boeing 737 It was on the runway for about 2.5 hours before taking off for its next flight.

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