Vladimir Putin condemns a “despicable crime” after Daria Douguina’s death

Zelensky threatens to abandon negotiations on the trial of Azov fighters in Mariupol

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned late Sunday that any peace talks with Russia would be impossible if members of the Ukrainian Azov Brigade, which defended Ukraine’s southeastern city of Mariupol, were soon prosecuted against the Russian military.

“Ukrainian security guards, the stage is set for the investigation of our soldiers who were held captive by the invaders”M. Zelensky declares In his daily video.

of Films broadcast on Russian televisionand put it online by The New York Times, suggesting the trial of the fighters from Azov, a group considered terrorists by Moscow, could soon take place at the Philharmonic Hall in the Russian-held city of Mariupol after Ukrainian forces surrendered in May. Videos show the remodeling of the theater, including grids and cages.

“If this despicable show trial happens, if our people are brought into this system in violation of all treaties, all international rules, if there is abuse… it will be a non-negotiable border.”The President of Ukraine has warned.

“Russia will cut itself off from the talks. No more conversation”He recalled that he warned Emmanuel Macron today and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of his intentions.

“They understand that Ukraine will not tolerate this. She will not tolerate the persecution of people who can only say: they are heroes of their homeland, they defended the freedom of their people against the invaders of their land.M. Zelensky says.

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