Volodymyr Zelensky announces that four million people have been affected by power cuts

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22h03 : Power outage in Ukraine, I told you beforeaffect “pThe remaining four million” People, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

9:12 p.m : Ukrainian authorities are again asking residents to save electricity after private company DTEK announced new cuts. “It’s a small price to pay to get through this winter safely.”, said Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ukrenergo. The national operator is in constant contact with regional representatives to find ways to save money.

20h30 : We take into account the evening’s information:

The rock ‘n’ roll legend is known for the title Big fireballs, Died in 87.

French disconnection or error? Union Minister Jean-Christophe Combe said during a review of the Social Security Funding Plan on Wednesday. emphasized what “they Baby raisers (…) earn an average of three smick” Every month. Before withdrawal.

Electrical controls “unprecedented” result in “Chopped and Long Cuts” More planned than usual “Coming Days” In kyiv region, private operator DTEK announced that Russian strikes caused major damage to the energy system in Ukraine. Follow our life.

You may have experienced it. Messenger RNA vaccines against Covid-19 may cause menstrual disorders, confirms the European Medicines Agency. They mostly are “Non-Cemeteries” and unstable.

8:01 p.m : Electrical controls “unprecedented” result in “Chopped and Long Cuts” More planned than usual “Coming Days” In kyiv region, Ukrainian private operator DTEK announced that Russian strikes caused major damage to the energy system in Ukraine. The latter assumes “Deficiency [d’électricité] Up to 30% of consumption for kyiv”.

18h04 : Hop, 6pm! So here is the news of the day:

Russia announces the end of partial mobilization, saying it has recruited 300,000 reservists. In total, 218,000 conscripts are in training or training, and 82,000 have already been deployed to active troops. Follow our life.

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The recession was short-lived. Inflation resumed its momentum in October. According to INSEE’s latest estimates, prices have increased by an average of 6.2% in a year. Explanations in two charts.

New Canada, budget, tree planting… we give you a brief Wildfire Program Emmanuel Macron announced at noon.

“The bird was set free.” It was in this context that Elon Musk announced his acquisition of Twitter this morning. A staunch defender of freedom of expression, the billionaire social network could curb the content-restriction policy implemented so far. Here’s why..

17h41 : I congratulated @GiorgiaMeloni on his appointment as Prime Minister of Italy. I hope for further fruitful cooperation. We discussed Ukraine’s integration with #EU and #NATO. I told about the current situation in our country and invited to come to Ukraine.

17h59 : Volodymyr Zelensky congratulated the new President of the Italian Council, Giorgia Meloni. The President of Ukraine invited her to Kyiv as part of a visit.

5:34 p.m : He pretended to be a Brazilian researcher. The Norwegian Counter-Intelligence Service (BST) has revealed the true identity of an illegal Russian agent suspected of spying for Russia, according to their sources. It was Mikhail Mikouchine, a Russian born in 1978. The man, who was admitted as a lecturer at the Norwegian University of Tromsø in autumn 2021, was arrested on Monday.

16h23 : For his part, Vladimir Putin thanked the reservists for rallying “Patriotism”.

16h22 : “Military Commissioners shall continue to recruit troops, but only with volunteers and candidates for military service under contract” Professional, Sergei Shoigu added.

16h38 : Russia says it has recruited 300,000 reservists and announces an end to partial mobilization. Follow our life.

15h27 : The Russian troops who hastily left the town of Palaglia last March left few secrets behind. Thousands of pages of documents were actually found in the basement of the auto repair center where they established their headquarters. Their reading says a lot about the already delicate situation in which the Russian military found itself at the time..

(Virginie Nguyen Hong/Hans Lucas/AFP)

13h41 : In Prague, a banner was displayed on the building of the Czech Ministry of the Interior. You can see Ukrainian and Czech flags, Around the photo of the body bag There are the remains of Vladimir Putin.

12h48 : Crimean President Sergueï Aksionov has announced that the evacuation of civilians from the Kherson region is now complete. “I am happy that those who wanted to leave the territory bombed by the Ukrainian armed forces quickly and safely were able to do so” He writes in Telegram. On Wednesday, a Russian occupation official in Kherson said at least 70,000 residents had fled the area within a week.

12h00 : It’s noon, here’s the point of the message:

Price rise It resumes its forward march in October, according to INSEE’s preliminary estimate, 6.2% in one year. Over the month, consumer prices should increase 1.0% after -0.6% in September.

• To tackle forest fires, Emmanuel Macron announced 150 million euros for emergency services and four additional Canadians, increasing the fleet from 12 to 16.

• Elon Musk takes control Tonight from the social network Twitter. The world’s richest man immediately fired boss Barak Agarwal and two executives, according to CNBC and unnamed sources. The Washington Post.

Pro-Russian authorities have announced that the evacuation of civilians from the occupied Kherson region has been completed. Follow our life.

Last night the EU approved a death certificate for new combustion engine vehicles for 2035. MEPs and Member States reached agreement on an identification regulation for European climate objectives.

10h07 : Occupying authorities of the Zaporijjia region are urging people to ignore this weekend’s switch to winter time, which is in effect in Ukraine but has been abandoned in Russia. “We live in the Russian Federation, our city lives on Moscow time”said Alexander VolgaHead of Energoder’s Russian subsidiary management.

(Alexander Volga/Telegram)

10h03 : According to Russian media, four Ukrainian partisans were arrested in Russia for preparing to attack an administrative building in Stavropol region (Russia). FSB raids found explosives and firearms in their homes.

10h16 : Turkish defense company Baykar plans to complete construction of a factory in Ukraine in two years. The work is in progress “Architectural Design”General Manager Haluk Bairakdar quoted Reuters On the sidelines of a trade fair in Istanbul. The group produces the Bayraktar TB2 drones, which are particularly popular with the Ukrainian military. This project was started before the war started.

09h19 : “Arrangements for the evacuation of residents of the right bank of the (river) Dnipro to safer areas in Russia have been completed”Crimean President Sergei Aksyonov said last night. Ukraine describes these population transfers “Deportations”.

09h18 : Pro-Russian authorities have announced that the evacuation of civilians from the occupied Kherson region has been completed.

07h38 : “The screams were terrible.”. Freed from Russian troops after an eight-month occupation, residents of Velika Oleksandrivka and the Front near Kherson are still haunted by the cries of those tortured by the occupiers in a house in the village. Report by Laurent Macchietti and Gaële Joly.

Lida, who lives near the house where the Russians tortured the citizens, heard the cries of the tortured.  (Cell Jolly/Radio France)

(Cell Jolly/Radio France)

07h32 : The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will visit “this week” Two Ukrainian sites at Kyiv’s request. The visit comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Ukraine of destroying sources of the products. “His Bombs”.

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