Volodymyr Zelensky is trying to snatch the support of the African Union

This is a speech that the African Union (AU) has postponed as much as possible and that it is prudent, almost secretive. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky spoke with members of the organization via video conference from Kiev behind closed doors on Monday, June 20. “Finally”Some will say.

Requested several times by the Ukrainian president since April and repeatedly rejected by the AU, this simple video explains the difficult connections between the working organization Volodymyr Zelensky and the leaders of the continent. The war with Russia, the latter stuck in a neutral position, with obscure exteriors.

Mr. According to Zhelensky, this is to defend his version of the conflict and responsibility for the food crisis the continent has experienced. “Africa is a hostage to those who started the war against our state”, He mentioned Moscow. Condition “Unfair” Food prices “Caused by the Russian War (…) It’s painful on all continents. “, Lamented that.

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He also launched a charming attack. Recalling Ukraine’s contribution to peacekeeping operations in Africa and its trade relations with the continent, the President announced the appointment of a special envoy to Africa and proposed the formation of one. “Greater Ukraine-Africa Political and Economic Conference”.

“Normal Projects”

Mr. Zhelensky’s ten-minute message sparked little interest on the African side. “Unrealistic projects that do not provoke any reaction here”, Briefly an African ambassador who heard the speech. Only four heads of state followed him directly. Meanwhile, seven leaders met in Nairobi, Kenya, to discuss security in the Great Lakes.

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Organizing this text is a symbolic way for the AU to restructure so far Russia-centric communications. In early June, AU President and Senegalese President Macky Sall and AU Commission President Moussa Faki traveled to Sochi to meet with Vladimir Putin. Mr. Sal was particularly critical of Western sanctions against Russia.

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Several diplomatic sources within the AU believe that Zhelensky’s attempt to unite the continent with the Ukrainian cause is almost futile. “I do not know what gesture he expects from us, but our priority is to provide grain and fertilizer.”, An East African ambassador underlines. During a recent visit to Paris, Mr. Saul broke the news home. “It simply came to our notice then. We like access to grains and fertilizers.He said in an interview with Monte.

Also read the interview with the President of Senegal: The article is reserved for our subscribers Maggie Soul: “We are not really in the debate of who is right and who is right. We like access to grains and fertilizers.

Nearly half of the African countries depend on wheat imports from Russia and Ukraine. Fourteen of them get more than half of their wheat from these two countries. Also, with the onset of the rainy season and sowing, the fertilizers are depleted.

“False innocence”

In this context, the President of the AU is requesting Ukraine to demine the strategic port of Odessa to allow the loading of cargo ships, he said. “About Odessa, Maggie Soul shows real false innocence, Judge Paul-Simon Handy, researcher at the Institute for Defense Research. He takes what Vladimir Putin says at face value. ⁇

Kiev fears Russian invasion of the Black Sea if landmines are removed. In his video, Volodymyr Zhelensky presented the inventory solution, recalling it “Crisis [alimentaire] Launched on February 24, Russian navy blocks Ukrainian ports. “No real tool has been found to prevent Russia from attacking,” he said [les ports] Again “, He pointed out.

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Concluding his speech, the President sought to play into the anti-imperialist course of the AU. “Russia is trying to seize our land, turn Ukraine into a Russian colony”, He progressed. Without much success. In this crisis the leaders of the continent, MM. Salum and Fakki are walking a ridge, forced to maintain a vague position that can satisfy Moscow’s African supporters and non-partisans. The Senegalese president greeted her on Twitter on Monday “Friendly Address” Mr. By Zhelensky, it was reaffirmed “Africa is[ait] It is committed to upholding the rule of law, peaceful settlement of disputes and freedom of trade..

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