Volodymyr Zelensky ‘thanks’ for new $820 million US military aid

Ukraine demands Turkey stop Russian ship in its territorial waters

The latest episode in the grain war between Kiev and Moscow: The Ukrainian embassy in Ankara on Friday asked Turkey to stop a Russian ship that came close to its coast in the Black Sea from the Ukrainian port of Berdyansk under Russian occupation. Kyiv suspects the boat was carrying thousands of tons of grain stolen by the Russians.

L Zibek JolyThe 140m-long cargo ship, flying the Russian flag, is anchored off the Turkish coast east of Istanbul, about a kilometer from the port of Karasu, according to a maritime traffic site that monitors boat movements.

“Zhibek Zholy” entered Karasu harbor from occupied Berdansk. At the request of the Prosecutor of Ukraine, we asked the Turkish side to take necessary measures. Ambassador Vasil Bodnar said on Twitter, but did not specify what cargo was on board.

In early June, Mr. Bodner accused Russia of stealing the grain: “Russia shamelessly steals grain from Ukraine and exports it from Crimea to foreign countries, especially Turkey”He condemned.

According to Marine Traffic, the ship cut off its transponder less than twelve hours after approaching Turkey. The transponder emits a satellite signal, mandatory during navigation, which makes it possible to permanently locate buildings.

Ukrainian ambassador welcomes “Good communication and active cooperation with Turkish authorities”. “We asked Turkey for help to solve the problem”He adds

At the request of the United Nations, Ankara has offered its assistance in securing sea lanes that allow the export of Ukrainian grain banned at the ports. Turkey is considered an ally of Ukraine, providing it with combat drones, but Ankara is careful to maintain a neutral position towards Russia, particularly on its dependence on gas supplies.

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