War in Ukraine: An anonymous company launches a site that integrates hundreds of Russian cameras

After publicly declaring war on Russia, Anonymous announced on March 17 that they had launched a website called “Behind Enemy Lines” with the aim of speaking directly to Russian citizens through their Twitter account.

The famous group of hackers shared a link to their new website, bringing together images from numerous webcams and cameras scattered in cities near the border with Ukraine or deep in Russia.

Anonymous condemnation of misinformation by Russians

This site allows Russians to report misinformation as disconnected or misleading news comes from the state.

Anonymous writes directly in the videos the news they want to convey: “There is no free media in Russia and the Internet is censored. It is possible to try to tell a direct message to the people of this enslaved country. We hope to raise some civilians and provoke them to fight. (…) If you are Russian, we want you to know that you are being brainwashed by government propaganda and that the Kremlin and Putin are lying to you. Ukraine was not controlled by the Nazis and you do not need them to ‘liberate’ you. You must protect yourself and free yourself from your dictator.

If this new cyber-attack appears to be a call for rebellion, Anonymous will not hesitate to address the Russian government: “We have a message for the Russian Federation. The country is going to pay a heavy price for Putin’s shameless decision to attack independent Ukraine with his armed forces. The joint action of all the nations of the independent world in response to the Russian occupation will lead to the total collapse of the country. This will have far worse consequences for the Russian people than the oligarchy that owns the country.

On March 15, the joint venture announced its success on its networks Infiltrate some Russian government service sites and pick up offline Such as the FSB (fsb.ru) or the Statistical Center of the Russian Federation (ac.gov.ru). They also released important correspondence between Vladimir Putin and his defense minister. We know that Russia intends to exploit Ukrainian forests in the occupied territories.

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