War in Ukraine: Biden says Zhelensky did not want to hear warnings of Russian invasion

kyiv demands “Legal commitmentConcrete and strong signal; The Europeans, divided and procrastinating. Despite repeated assurances of Ukrainian membership, the official EU candidate status that Ukraine will reach by the end of June is certain.European family.

Again on Friday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky urged 27 people not to leave his country in the “gray zone”, calling on state leaders to take a decision a few days before the summit, a few days before the European Commission’s offer of candidate status. Their vote must be unanimous. “In the coming weeks, the EU may take a historic step that proves that the Ukrainian people’s words about belonging to a European family are not in vain.”Volodymyr Zhelensky said this via video conference at an international conference in Copenhagen. “Why, if polls show that 71% of Europeans see Ukraine as part of a European family, are there still political skeptics who are reluctant to allow us to join the EU?”Launched by the President of Ukraine, much appreciated.

On the question of Ukraine’s candidacy for the EU, 27 people are very divided. Apart from Kiev, the commission is due to issue a statement next week on the candidate status of Georgia and Moldova.

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