War in Ukraine, live: shelling of Donetsk region and Mykolaiv city; Thousands of homes without electricity

Zelensky accused Iran of supplying drones to Russia

In an interview with Canadian media CBC and CTV, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky blamed Iran for the drones used by Moscow to attack Ukraine.

Iran supplied the drones used to kill Ukrainians. Not one, not two, not five, but hundreds. We know there are thousands of orders and contracts, and hundreds of drones have certainly been transferred.

Tehran again, in a statement on Saturday, denied supplying Moscow with weapons, while blaming the West. “lobby” On Iran.

France, the United Kingdom and Germany called on Friday in a letter to the United Nations for an investigation. “neutral” Iranian drones transferred to Russia Violates Security Council Resolution 2231. The resolution was voted on in 2015 to create an Iranian civil nuclear deal and at the time provided for the gradual lifting of economic sanctions against Iran.

The European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom announced new sanctions against Iran on Thursday, targeting three generals and an arms company. “Responsible for Supplying Suicide Drones to Russia” Ukraine should be bombed.

“Iran Sees Provocative Attitudes of EU and UK as Part of Targeted Political Situation”Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Khanani said in the statement.

There is the latter “Strongly Condemn” activities “destroying” The European Union and the British, along with Iran “It has the right to respond to any irresponsible act and it will not hesitate to protect its interests”. Mr. Kanani also refused “Unsubstantiated allegations of exchange of drones used in conflict in Ukraine”.

“We are for peace and an immediate end to the war in Ukraine through a political process.”he said.

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