War in Ukraine. Murder in Russia, fear of reprisals, Zaporizhia… point on day 179

daughter Radical nationalist Alexander Dugin A close friend of Vladimir Putin was killed in a targeted attack. Accused, As Ukraine prepares to celebrate independence from the Soviet Union on Wednesday, Kyiv denies any involvement and fears retaliation.. The Western pressure to inspect Zaporizhia nuclear power plantAfter Vladimir Putin’s green light on Friday, it has been the scene of bombings. Here’s a snapshot of the situation on the 179th day of the war in Ukraine.

The assassination of the daughter of a powerful ideologue close to Putin

Daria Dauguina, la The daughter of a Russian ideologue close to the KremlinAlexander Dugin, a staunch supporter of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, was killed Saturday evening when his car exploded in a Moscow suburb.

Daria Dougvina, 30, a journalist and political scientist who supported the Russian attack, was driving a Toyota Land Cruiser on a highway forty kilometers from Moscow before bursting into flames.

According to investigators, an explosive device was planted in the vehicle, and everything points to it “The crime was premeditated and ordered”, The Russian intelligence agency, which is responsible for the country’s major criminal investigations, was informed. A murder investigation has been launched.

According to relatives of the family, the ultra-nationalist intellectual and writer Alexander Dugin, 60, who was targeted by the blast, Daria borrowed his father’s car for the trip.

Ukraine is not involved in the death of Daria Dukina

Pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, have accused Ukrainian forces of being behind the assassination of Daria Dukina.

“If the Ukrainian route is confirmed […] And it should be verified by the competent authorities, which will be the policy of state terror implemented by the Kyiv regime”, Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for Russian diplomacy, also responded.

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For his part, the adviser to the Ukrainian president, Mykhailo Podoliak, denied any Ukrainian involvement in the attack.

“Ukraine certainly had nothing to do with yesterday’s explosion, because we are not a criminal state” He said during a televised intervention.

Fear as Ukraine’s National Day approaches

As Ukraine prepares to celebrate its independence from the Soviet Union on August 24, which was declared in 1991, authorities have decided to ban all public gatherings in Kyiv from Monday August 22 to Thursday August 25.

Similarly the Governor of Kharkiv Region (Middle East) has already decided to impose a longer curfew scheduled from the evening of August 23 to the morning of August 25. “Let’s be as vigilant as possible on Independence Day”Oleg Synegoubov asked in Telegram.

“Russia may try to do something particularly nasty, particularly cruel” warned Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday evening.

Wednesday marks exactly six months since the Russian invasion began.

“Containment” is needed around the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

American, French, German and British leaders called on Sunday “Prevention” Around Zaporizhia, the largest Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Europe, which is occupied by Russia’s military.

Presidents Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron, as well as Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, have called to request the dispatch. “quickly” On site through the work of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors

Repeated fighting around this nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine – by two warring parties who mutually deny responsibility for the attacks – has raised fears of a disaster worse than Chernobyl.

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On Friday, the French president’s office said Russian President Vladimir Putin had accepted an inspection visit to the plant by IAEA inspectors.

A senior security officer was found dead

The head of the regional branch of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) was found dead at his home in central Ukraine, the prosecutor’s office said on Sunday.

On Saturday evening, Oleksandr Nakonechny’s wife heard gunshots in their apartment in Kropyvnytsky, before finding her husband’s body shot inside a room.

Police have launched an investigation to ascertain the cause of his death.

According to a local elected official, the official committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

Oleksandr Nakonechny headed the SBU branch in the Kirovograd region since January 2021.

The Ukrainian president fired SBU chief Ivan Pagano in July, accusing him of not doing enough in the fight against Moscow’s spies and collaborators.

Volodymyr Zelensky announced later “Structural Review” Within the SBU, several senior officials have been dismissed in recent months.

The fight continues

In Ukraine’s industrial east and agricultural south, Kyiv-backed governor of Donetsk region (East) Pavlo Kyrilenko said Sunday that four civilians were killed and two wounded by Russians in the region.

In the Kharkiv Region (Central-East), two civilians were injured in Russian bombings at night, which pointed to the state service for emergency situations for its part.

The Odesa region (south) was targeted by five Russian Kalibr-type cruise missiles launched from the Black Sea, said Sergiy Bratchok, spokesman for the regional administration. Two were shot down by anti-aircraft defenses and three hit a silo with no casualties, he added.

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“The enemy is trying to continue its offensive in the Donetsk region” and succeeded in occupying a part of the Blagodatne region in the Mykolaiv region (south), for its part, the Ukrainian army announced in a morning statement on Facebook. It also fears Russian attacks from Moscow’s ally Belarus.

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