War in Ukraine: Putin threatens countries wishing to intervene in the conflict with a “quick response strike”

Vladimir Putin has once again shown himself threatening countries that want to intervene in favor of Ukraine. This Wednesday, April 27, during a speech in St. Petersburg, the Russian president raised the possibility of using a “quick response strike” against third parties intervening in the conflict.

Win at all costs. During a speech in St. Petersburg, Vladimir Putin swept home his confidence in the success of a special military operation launched by his country in Ukraine on February 24.

“There is no alternative,” he said Western France. According to the Russian president, victory is necessary “to guarantee the peace and security of Donetsk, Lukansk, Russian Crimea and our republics.”

“Economic war failed”

Vladimir Putin also pointed to the sanctions strategy of Western countries. “They used every possible pretext to prepare an economic war against Russia and they imposed new sanctions. Economic suffocation plans against Russia have failed. “

During this talk, it was broadcast and translated by our colleagues BFM TVVladimir Putin was a major threat to Ukraine’s potential allies.

“In the current context, they should be aware that if third parties want to intervene, they will pose a geopolitical threat to us,” he warned. They need to know that the quick response will be to strike. We have all the tools for this and no one has today. We will use these tools if needed. I want everyone to know that. ”

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