War in Ukraine: Russia boycotts G20 but says not isolated


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Canada Bans Patriot Grill

Ottawa has sanctioned Patriarch Kirill, head of the Russian Orthodox Church, as part of new measures targeting “Russian disinformation and propaganda agents” in response to the invasion of Ukraine.


The Council of Europe stresses the “impulse to establish justice” for victims of war

“The aggression of the Russian Federation has led to serious and massive violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, with devastating consequences for the exercise of almost all human rights by the people of Ukraine,” Council of Europe Commissioner Dunja Mijadović scathingly sums up. For Human Rights, in a Memorandum on the Consequences of War. , “The priority now is to create safe conditions for survivors, ensure their effective access to remedies and justice, and prioritize the protection of their dignity and well-being. Children and women must be given “specific and urgent attention,” he underlined.


In Eastern Europe, support for Ukrainians declines over time

Eszter Bakondi Kiss, a volunteer at the Hungarian NGO Habitat for Humanity, which coordinated the refugee shelter program, observes that “the willingness to help has decreased since the war started.” “We got a lot of housing concessions at the start of the war,” he explains.

In terms of Slovak NGO people’s need, donations are decreasing. They rose from 650,000 euros in February and March to 85,000 in May, its spokeswoman Simona Styskalova announced. “It’s a natural effect. A cause at the center of the message creates a lot of commitment. Then the interest crumbles,” explains Svilina Georgiev, head of the Bulgarian Foundation Za Dobroto.


In Russia, inflation slows to 15.9% a year

Inflation in Russia, the highest in 20 years, continued to decline in June, reaching 15.9% year-on-year, according to data from the Rosstat statistics agency. Food prices were still the most affected by inflation, rising 19.1% year-on-year in June, particularly sugar (+48%), cereals (+35%), pasta (+28%) and butter (+26%).


Russian gas: German Uniber loses “tens of thousands” of euros a day

“Uniber is draining the order of several million euros a day. This situation cannot be sustained any longer,” laments the CEO of German energy company Klaus-Dieter Maubach. The energy company, which was Russia’s Gazprom’s biggest customer before the war in Ukraine, has been hit hard by cuts in Russian supplies since mid-June.


Frozen Russian assets worth almost 7 billion francs in Switzerland

Russian assets frozen in Switzerland amount to 6.7 billion Swiss francs (equivalent in euros), the Swiss Economy Ministry said in a tweet, noting that fifteen real estate properties were also frozen.


French exports to Russia have fallen sharply

French exports to Russia decreased from 500 million euros in April 2021 to 100 million in April 2022, which explains the consequences of the war in Ukraine. A study published by Customs. Before the war, France mainly exported “medium-high-tech” products in aeronautics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, information, or automobiles. In 2021, these sales will reach 6.3 billion euros.


Putin threatens sanctions against Russia ‘catastrophic’ for energy

“Further use of the sanctions policy will have even more serious, if not exaggerated, catastrophic consequences for the world energy market,” the Russian president warned. “Sanctions against Russia do the most damage precisely to the countries that impose them,” he repeated, again a phrase he favored in reference to rising energy prices in the West.


Examines the London fuel market

Britain’s competition watchdog (CMA) has opened an in-depth investigation into the fuel market, whose prices are rising, with refineries worried about a growing gap between the price of crude oil and the price of petrol or diesel.

The reasons behind the exploding costs were due to increased demand after the end of health restrictions, when some refining capacity was closed during the pandemic, but also the effects of the war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia, a major exporter. According to the CMA, refined products.


Contrary to what Russia claims, France sees Moscow as “isolated” at the G20

“Russia is so isolated that Lavrov walked out of the conference after speaking in the afternoon,” French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna said. “We expected a meeting with different dividing lines, but […] Russia has isolated itself, its responsibility has been pointed out, and one would have thought that even some countries could qualify things and support it. »


The West “failed” to isolate Russia from the G20, justifying Russian diplomacy

“The G7 plan to boycott Russia at the G20 summit has failed. “No one supports Western regimes,” Russian Foreign Minister Maria Zakharova said in a telegram, adding that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov boycotted the meetings and dismissed the minister’s accusations. The German Foreign Office said Moscow had no “willingness to negotiate”.


Due to restrictions, “Russian Makdo” does not have fries

The ‘Vkusno i Totchka’ chain, which took over McDonald’s restaurants in Russia in June, is facing a shortage of fries due to Western sanctions against Moscow, the business news site reported. R.P.K. According to the group, the 2021 potato harvest for the production of French fries in Russia is poor, leading to shortages and “imports from foreign markets (…) impossible” due to Western sanctions against Moscow as a result of the Russian offensive against Ukraine.

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Harvest has begun in Ukraine

In almost all regions of Ukraine, farmers began to harvest early cereals and legumes. According to the first figures, 1.1 million tonnes of cereals have been harvested so far in an area of ​​417,300 hectares (3% of the area).


EU sends personal protective equipment to Ukrainian border guards

The European Union has handed over 977,000 euros worth of personal protective equipment to the National Border Guard Service of Ukraine. Deliveries to meet other service requirements including purchase of additional personal protective equipment, diesel generators, cameras are currently underway.


Russian gas transit through Ukraine has dropped to an all-time low

According to the operator of Ukrainian gas pipelines OGTSOU, which denounces Moscow’s “gas threat”, Russian gas transit through Ukraine fell to its historic low in June, at 334 million cubic meters per day.

He criticizes the Russian group Gazprom for “using only one-seventh of the Ukrainian gas pipelines and not using the quota allocated and paid under the contract with OGTSOU”.


Russian gas transportation in bedrock

Russian gas transit through Ukraine fell to its lowest historical level in June, or 334 million cubic meters per day, the operator of Ukrainian gas pipelines OGTSOU announced, condemning Russia’s “gas threat”. He criticizes the Russian group Gazprom for “exploiting only one-seventh of Ukrainian gas pipelines and not even using the quota allocated and paid under the contract with OGTSOU”. However, the operator underlines that “alternative routes” will make it possible to send much larger volumes to Western Europe and completely replace the transport with the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, currently used by Russia at 40% of its capacity.


British missiles destroyed

At the same time as the destruction of Russian ammunition stockpiles, the Russian military also announced the destruction of British Harpoon anti-ship missiles. A spokesman for the Russian president said it was the result of a strike carried out from the sea.



Ukraine claims an ammunition depot was destroyed

The Ukrainian military has reportedly destroyed a Russian ammunition depot in Nova Khakovka in the Kherson region near the Black Sea. Local officials say “several dozen” Russian soldiers died in the operation in the occupied city.

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Canada could make an exception to the ban against Gazprom by sending back the gas turbine.

At Germany’s request, Canada could make an exception to lift sanctions against Gazprom by returning a gas turbine for the Nord Stream pipeline. With this turbine, Russia will be able to send gas to the EU and especially to Germany.

For its part, Ukraine considers this decision “unfair and sanctions are dangerous for the regime.”

12:43 p.m

Zelensky says UK support for Ukraine will not change after Boris Johnson leaves

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky believes that the UK supports Ukraine and that its policy will not change after the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In an interview with CNN, the Ukrainian president believes, “What Johnson did for Ukraine helped us a lot. I consider him a friend of Ukraine, but I think his company has supported Ukraine in Europe. That’s why I think England is on the side of good, on the side of Ukraine.”

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Belgian embassy to reopen in Kyiv

Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Groove said it would reopen its embassy in Kyiv on July 11 and send a new ambassador, Pieter van de Velde, to represent Belgium in Ukraine.

12:32 p.m

Ukraine accuses Russia of playing ‘hunger game’

Speaking at the G20 meeting in Bali, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba accused Russia of playing a “hunger game” with the world.

According to him, the international community has no right to allow Russia to threaten the world with high energy prices, hunger and security threats. He said the Russian naval blockade of Ukrainian ports “has already severed global food supply chains and has a detrimental effect on global food security”.

12:27 p.m

EU executive offers 1.5 billion euros loan to Ukraine

The European Investment Bank, the European Union’s lending arm, lent 1.5 billion euros to Kyiv. The Commission guarantees EIB loans operating outside the EU, usually amounting to 9% of the total financing. But in this case, the Commission wants to allocate 70% of the total, as it did in a previous operation of 1 billion euros to Ukraine.

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