War in Ukraine: Russia Flares $10 Million a Day in Gas, Why Is This Flaring Activity Accelerating Ice Melt?

A maneuver with many consequences. And not least.

A staggering number. Almost absurd, given the global economic and energy situation. According to a study by Rystad Energy, Norway’s leading analytics firm for the oil and gas sector, Russia 4.34 million cubic meters will be burned vision per day near the Finnish border. In other words, during this gigantic “burning” operation nearly 10 million dollars are smoked every 24 hours, according to the established expression, carried out daily. PortowayaNorthwest St. Petersburg.

There could be many consequences.

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Beer, cremation… The surprising consequences of the end of Russian gas in Germany

“It depends on the aid programs of our governments.”

For one thing, carbon dioxide and soot fumes can go awry Arctic ice melts. That’s it! Blame the deposits for speeding up the process.

And two, suppliesGermany The pipeline has been cut since July, with the Russians blaming technical problems controlMichael Berger, the German ambassador to Britain, acknowledged the risk of public support.Ukraine This winter is decreasing Energy crisis intensifies. “It depends on the aid programs of our governments.”, He mentions in the columns of La Vanguardia. Moscow typically supplies 40% of its gas to European countries. with Guerre, Europe I looked at alternative providers. But their prices have gone up. As a result, some countries such as Germany and Spain impose Restrictions.

“While the exact causes of the irritation are unknown, the levels, emissions and location of the fuel are a reminder of Russia’s dominance of European energy markets.” Sindre Knutsson de Rystad Energy announced.

Germany admits that public support for Ukraine risks eroding as the energy crisis worsens this winter. https://t.co/4yO1FIFgOT

– The Vanguard (@LaVanguardia) August 26, 2022

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