War in Ukraine: Russians try to escape mobilization, lawyers stymied

Russian lawyers say they are inundated with requests for help from Russians seeking to avoid President Vladimir Putin’s call for military action in Ukraine.

Lakhs of people have migrated to such countries Kazakhstan, Georgia and Finland. However, there are many others Russia and hide from military recruiters in hopes of being exempted from military service. “We work 24 hours a day”Sergey Krivenko, head of the “Citizen Army Law”, a group of a dozen lawyers for the protection of human rights. “People are torn from their normal lives”He adds. “This is indefinite mobilization in times of war. It lasts for months or years. People may not return. Desertion is practically impossible. Disobedience to orders is the only remedy for death, injury or imprisonment.” “People who come to see us are panicking. They don’t understand what’s going on.”Sergei Krivenko adds. “They hire anybody. And the law empowers them to hire anybody.”

Although recruitment was initially aimed at those with military experience, the implementation of mobilization was chaotic. Vladimir Putin He admitted his mistakes and demanded that they be rectified. Practice papers explaining how to avoid mobilization are circulating in numbers on social networks. Often, forms to request a medical exemption or conscientious objector status must be completed.

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