What happened to Mali’s Prime Minister Soguel Maika?

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In Mali, it has been almost a week since the head of the interim government stopped working. Last Saturday, Primature pointed out that Sokwele Mica was placed in ” Forced retirement “Then by his doctor” Fourteen months of tireless toil “. Since then, there has been no official information fueling rumours, especially on social networks.

« He is fine “, assures one of his relatives,” Nothing to worry about “, adds another. According to many of his relatives, Sokwele Maika is recovering from his discomfort.

Several sources suggest that the Prime Minister suffered a stroke or, in any case, a heart problem. One of his relatives refuses to be named.

Choguel Maïga was first hospitalized in a private clinic in Bamako: is he still there? Was he deported? Maybe so? Among social networks and many interlocutors, the questions are good: Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia or Turkey are cited. At this stage, relatives of Sokwele Maika do not wish to respond.

Same reaction in the primaries, where they refuse to comment.” Rumors ».

What in the meantime?

On the question of interim: Under the decree adopted in July 2021, the defense minister, who is the first in the line of appointment, will replace the prime minister if necessary. Has Colonel Sadio Camara, one of the five colonels behind the August 2020 coup, already accepted this role? Till date, there is no official information regarding this. ” These are internal affairs “, we explain to the Prime Minister.

The Ministry of Defense did not wish to confirm or deny the effectiveness of this interim measure. Colonel Sadio Kamara was in Moscow all week for a conference on international security and a meeting at the Russian Ministry of Defense. The timing of his return, presumably imminent, was not announced.

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Primature pointed out that last Saturday, Sokwele Mika. Will continue again[it] His activities inshAllah In the closing week.

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