What is the damage to the Crimean bridge after Saturday’s explosion?

This infuriated Moscow, which has carried out bloody reprisals with bombings since Monday. Many Ukrainian cities. Many questions remain after Saturday’s explosion on the Kerch bridge connecting Russia CrimeaAccording to Russian authorities, due to a truck bomb.

Crimean Bridge, 18 km long and opened in 2018 Vladimir Putin, including railway bridge adjacent to road bridge. It is also used for logistical transport for Russian troops fighting in Ukraine. Traffic resumed a few hours later on both axes, but the long-term effects are unknown. The effects were analyzed by two engineers, Colin Caprani and Sam Rigby, In an article Conversation.

Heat and its effects

The explosion took place on the road bridge, the article details. The flames then reached the railway bridge, especially on which there was a fuel train. The explosion occurred in a section about sixty meters long, which consisted of a concrete slab, placed on a steel plate, which was supported by steel beams. The span in question split in the middle, and the adjacent span collapsed shortly thereafter. As we said, road traffic resumed shortly after, but with what long-term effects?

A fire caused by a fuel train on a railway bridge, which burned for at least an hour, continues. Conversation. However, remind experts who questioned that “high temperatures can weaken steel and concrete, while shock waves (…) can lead to fractures”.

A break in the bridge usually occurs

Admittedly, steel can be bent without breaking, but according to two engineers, various points on two adjacent bridges have weakened. Reinforcement within concrete slabs, in particular, can be damaged by heat.

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According to experts, this potential damage will require careful inspections and replacement of affected areas. The bridge has to be closed for a long time. Given the current context of the war and the strategic aspect of this bridge to Moscow, two experts think. They estimate that trains could be instructed to cross the weak section more slowly to control vibrations. Resuming road traffic seems “reasonable” to them because the weight of the cars is not as much of a problem as the weight of the bridge.

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