Why Putin Condemns the “Demise” of the West

Vladimir Putin in the Orthodox Church last April. Alexander Nemenov / AFP

Decryption – In dealing with LGBT activism, “awakened” thinking and the so-called “Satanism” of Europe and America, the Kremlin leader actually has several goals in mind.

Bombshell speeches that cover many purposes. At the end of September, when Moscow celebrates Attachment orders From four regions of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin embarking on a violent course against the West. In front of ministers, deputies, senators and other representatives of the Russian government, the Kremlin leader announces: “Do we wish that our Russia is no longer our homeland? Do we tell our children that they are perverted, that there are other genders than boys and girls? Are they offering sex reassignment surgery?»

«Should we, in our country, instead of father and mother, a Parents #1 and #2?“, he declares. And to the hammer: “The dictatorship of the Western elite is against all people. (…) Jesus said “by their own fruits you shall know them”. (…) Such denial of man and all his values ​​resembles an open satanism».

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