Widespread crackdown against network of training account frauds

This is undoubtedly the biggest legal action against the teeming galaxy of Personal Training Account (CPF) scams: According to information MondeFourteen people were taken into police custody in Paris and Toulouse on the morning of Tuesday, November 15, as part of two separate investigations led by the Special Intermediate Jurisdiction (JIRS) of the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office, confirmed by the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office. .

Based on a preliminary investigation by gendarmes of the Research Unit of Grasse (Alpes-Maritimes) following a complaint, investigators from the Research Unit (SR) of Versailles and the Central Criminal Investigation Service (SCRC) of the Gendarmerie. – Seized to uncover a vast network organized to extort funds from the CPF.

The system, which replaced the Individual Right to Training (DIF) in 2015, provides all employees with the opportunity to pursue training of their choice by drawing up an individual account in addition to company contributions. But his oversight leaves something to be desired, and has provided opportunities for all kinds of fraud over the months. The current investigation concerns a nebula of bogus companies using the services of phone canvassers to gain access to CPF accounts, often with the complicity of beneficiaries of the exercise.

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The method of fraud is simple: in exchange for a gratuity (smartphone, tablet, computer, gift certificate or cash), these employees subscribe to a fictitious practice, preferably the Caisse des dépôts et consignations (CDC), the organization responsible for managing the funds of the CPF. In this case, fraudsters gain access to CPF accounts by using phishing techniques and extorting employees’ personal data without their knowledge. According to the Paris prosecutor’s office, the damage totaled 8.5 million euros.

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A certification body

The suspects, ten men and four women aged between 20 and 50, have been charged with “organized gang fraud”, “criminal association”, “forgery and use of forgery” and “laundering”. Investigators seized large sums in cash and from the accounts of the companies involved: a total of 1.65 million euros. The Caisse des dépôts also froze 570,000 euros in transit. Part of the funds from Germany via Hungary to the United Arab Emirates were also diverted to several foreign countries.

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