Will a Pfizer vaccine work against many varieties in the fall?

The same serum against multiple versions Corona virus ? “In the fall – but it’s not sure – I hope we can get an” effective “vaccine” against everything known at this time, “said the employer of the giant American pharmaceuticals this Wednesday. Pfizer, Albert Borla, during a press conference held by the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries (Ifpma). It’s a Covit-19 vaccine Effective against many types.

Pfizer is currently conducting research to find out what the best formula is. “Once we have the data, it allows us to determine what it is [vaccin] The best, “said Albert Borla.

First in the United States

Pfizer and BioNtech of Germany have developed one of the first and most effective vaccines against Kovit-19, which was first injected. UK By the end of 2020, less than a year after the disease was diagnosed in China. This messenger RNA vaccine – similar to moderna – has reduced its effectiveness against the Omigran variant and its subtypes that lead to Covit-19, although it also most effectively protects against severe symptoms, hospitalization, and death.

Pfizer is currently testing different vaccines and different doses. “Once we know what the best way forward is, we will apply for registration in the United States, Europe and elsewhere in the world,” he said.

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