Zhelensky says he is ready to talk to Putin about ending the war with Donbass and Crimea

The Ukrainian leader was interviewed by several media outlets that aired overnight from Monday to Tuesday. Nearly 3.5 million people have fled Ukraine since February 24, according to a UN report released on Monday.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has announced that he is ready to discuss everything with Russian President Vladimir Putin, including Crimea and Donbass, if he agrees to hold direct talks and warns in advance that “Ukraine will be destroyed” with a “security guarantee”. Surrender.

Almost a month after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the bombing of major cities in the country continues, the Ukrainian president has for the first time said he will “try to resolve all grievances and grievances against Russia.” In an interview with several media outlets from Monday to Tuesday night.

“The issue of Crimea and the Donbass is a very difficult story for everyone.” We need “security guarantees” and an end to hostilities, and “we will talk when this embargo is lifted,” said Volodymyr Zhelensky.

The head of state, who wants to speak directly with the Russian president, also argued that a referendum should “decide on some kind of compromise” with Russia. When warned: “Do we have to do everything (…) time for the Donbass and Crimea to return to us? Yes. But stopping the war now, that’s the question”.

Volodymyr Zelensky further declared that “history does not want to make us heroes and a nation without,” and stressed that Ukraine would be “destroyed” before surrender.

Since the outbreak of war many talks between Q and Moscow have taken place face to face and via video conference.

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Curfew order in Kiev

On the ground, bombings continued early in the week in several cities, including Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Odessa or Mykoliv.

In the capital, the new curfew came into force at 8pm on Monday (7pm in Paris) until 7am on Wednesday, “65 peaceful people died in Kiev, including about four children” and about 300 people were injured, including 16 children. “In the Russian military bombing,” its mayor Vitaly Klitschko said on Monday.

On Sunday evening, a powerful Russian strike, indirectly caused by a missile, destroyed the shopping center in the largest retro, the most violent attack on the capital since the start of the war. According to Moscow, the “inactive” shopping center functioned as an armory. The AFP saw six bodies being taken out of the rubble, with men in military uniforms claiming the soldiers were sleeping there.

The situation is dramatic in the Russian-speaking city of Mariupol, a large port city in the south, located between Crimea and the separatist region of Donetsk and besieged by the Russians for weeks. The Ukrainian government has rejected a final warning about the surrender of Moscow.

According to the United Nations, the humanitarian situation there is “extremely serious”, with “food, water and medicine shortages and life threatening.” And Joseph Borel, the head of EU diplomacy, said “what is happening in Mariupol is a major war crime.”

On Monday, US President Joe Biden and French leaders Emmanuel Macron, Britain’s Boris Johnson, Germany’s Olaf Scholts and Italy’s Mario Draghi spoke in a video conference, specifically on the “urgent humanitarian situation in Mariupol and the need for humanitarian assistance to ensure humanitarian assistance.” .

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President Zhelensky accused Russia of “simply destroying” the city where Russian tanks entered. “They burn it to ashes, but we will keep them alive,” he promised Monday evening.

Putin “back to the wall” for Fiden

In the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson, a public demonstration against the occupation by Russian forces was bombed on Monday with automatic weapons, stun grenades and tear gas, at least one person was injured, Ukrainian officials said.

In all, the Ukrainian army said on Monday that the Russians had lost 15,000 soldiers, while Volodymyr Zhelensky announced on March 12 that 1,300 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed – statistics could not be verified. U.S. intelligence sources quote New York Times More than 7000 Russians were killed.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksi Resnikov has acknowledged that the situation is “extremely difficult” in the face of Moscow’s ally Belarus’ “greatest enemy in numbers and the threat of a ground invasion by the military.”

EU foreign and defense ministers on Monday decided to double funding for arms purchases sent to kyiv after the first envelope of 500 million euros ran out.

Will chemical and biological weapons be used by the Russians? Moscow has suggested they have Ukraine, which “is a clear indication that he (Vladimir Putin) is planning to use these two types of weapons,” Biden said during a meeting with representatives of the business world in Washington on Monday evening. The Russian enemy was his “against the wall.”

NATO Summit Thursday

The weekend will be marked by intense diplomatic activities. Joe Biden will attend an extraordinary NATO summit in Brussels on Thursday, the G7 summit and the EU summit, before which he will stay in Poland, the main destination for Ukrainian refugees, on Friday and Saturday.

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According to a UN report released on Monday, nearly 3.5 million people – mostly women and children – have fled Ukraine since February 24.

In Moscow, the Russian Foreign Ministry assessed that Joe Biden had brought Russian-American relations to the brink of “ruin” through his “incompetent” statements targeting Vladimir Putin and calling him a “war criminal.” The U.S. ambassador was summoned on Monday.

The subject of a possible European embargo on Russian hydrocarbons was brought back to the table on Monday, with Volodymyr Zelensky calling for the EU to suspend all trade with Russia, especially in relation to “energy resources”. Europeans, who rely on Russian hydrocarbons, have so far refused to allow the sector.

“No sanctions will be decided this week,” Joseph Borel said. “But the guidance will be given at a summit of state and government leaders on Thursday and Friday, following which firm decisions will be taken,” he said.

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